Cisco Packet Tracer Tutorial

I will explain how to simulate a star network topology with Cisco Packet Tracer
Please note that the hardware used to build this topology includes the following:

  • LAN AND RJ-45 cable
  • Switch or Hub
  • Multiple PCs / Servers.
  • Router (no need to use a router, depending on your needs).

Immediately this is the Steps:

  • Next is the work page display on Packet Tracer. Here we will draw the topology.
  • Now on the work page, place a few PCs (I use 5).

  • Then place a Hub around the 5 PCs. Contact each PC with a cable. For this type of cable, you don’t worry, there will be an option that automatically adjusts the type of cable. And the appearance is as follows:
  • If the green light is on, the device is connected to each other, but it cannot communicate with each other. Therefore what we have to do is give the IP Address for each computer. The method is as follows:

a. Double click on each computer, the following display will appear:

b. Because it’s still a simple network, just fill in the IP Address and Subnet Mask only. Select Static to manually assign IP. After that close immediately. Do this to PC machines. Just to remind each PC must have a different IP address.

c. Now the PC can communicate with each other. To check whether it is true that you can communicate with each other, double-click one PC, then move to the Desktop Tab, select Command Prompt.

d. After that, try to do communication by pinging another PC. Missal with IP Address is if I reply. Means that the PC is connected in one network and can communicate with each other.

Until here, the material that I can give to all my friends. Actually in this article not only to make a star topology, but more to understanding and how to build a network at CISCO Packet Tracer. If you already understand friends can try different types of topologies.

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