Cisco Packet Tracer Tutorial Connects Inter Pc

Hi, friend blogger, have you played internet cafe? how the internet cafe works is no different from the tutorial I wrote above. This Cisco packet tracer works by connecting computer 1 to another computer using intermediate switches. Here’s how to make it:

Clicked? Choose 2950-54. This is useful as an intermediary for connecting between PCs.

Click and drag to the worksheet.

  • The intermediary has been put in, now we have several PCs. here I only have 8 PCs. Select end devices. Then select the generic computer image.
  • Click and drag the generic computer to the worksheet. Put some of the computers. (up to what matters more than 2)
  • After everything is like the picture above (more or less: D), select the connection with the yellow lightning logo and select Automatically Choose Connection Type.
  • Then click on the computer and connect to Switches.
  • Connect all computers to switches until they are like this.
  • Next give ip to each pc. How to click 2x on PC1 (for example) then click the desktop tab, and select Ip Configuration.

For the IP address part, just fill in for PC1 to be PC2 to and so on until PC8.
As for the Subnet mask, fill in the default and for the default gateway and DNS server, leave it blank.
Then test Ping on each computer to make sure each PC is connected to another PC.
The method is the same, click 2x on PC1 (for example) select the desktop tab, then select the Prompt command.
Because we are on PC1, then we will ping another PC for example, I ping PC6.
Then type it is: PING

If the message that appears in CMD is Reply from bytes = 32 time = 73ms TTL = 128
So connecting between computers has succeeded …
Another way to find out between computers successfully connected or not is to click on the message on the right side and then connect it from computer 1 to another computer. If successful, the successfull text will appear in the dialog box at the bottom right.

Well, that’s how to connect between computers with Cisco packet tracer.
If you have questions, suggestions, please comment below.

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