What are the differences between Cisco and Mikrotik routers?

Today, I will tell you about the comparison between Cisco and Mikrotik, maybe we don’t know what the differences are. well … for that I will explain it to all of you …

         Microtic is an operating system that includes software installed on a computer so that the computer can act as the heart of the network, controlling or managing data traffic between networks, this type of computer is known as the name of the router.

         Cisco is the main equipment used on a wide network or Wide Area Network (WAN). With Cisco routers, information can be forwarded to remote addresses and on different computer networks. The aim is to be able to forward data packets from a LAN to another LAN, Cisco router.

Background :
      At this time we need to know what are the differences from Cisco and Microtic because when we make a network we have to understand what the quality or weaknesses and strengths of the devices we use.

Purpose and objectives :
Know the weaknesses and strengths of Cisco and proxy ..
Knowing the meaning of cisco da mikrotik.

The function of Mikrotik:
         Microtic functions for small scale networks and large scale, of course this is adjusted to the resource rather than the computer itself.

Cisco functions:
        Cisco functions as a connector between two or more networks to forward data from one network to another. Routers have parts similar to PCs

 Cisco And Microtic Comparison:
      In Cisco there are several types of Router series, the more sophisticated the more sophisticated the series and complete features provided by Cisco but the price is also more expensive.
Switches and routers have many similarities – both have RAM, ROM, NVRAM, and the CPU and the same provide a Console port. Like Sweden, some types of routers provide module upgrade facilities so they can add capabilities.
Routers can also be operated via the CLI. The router uses the IOS operating system. If we understand the basic principles of using IOS commands, we will not experience many obstacles when we start learning to operate a router.

       While Mikrotik RouterOs are Operating Systems and software that can be used to make computers become reliable router networks, including various features created for IP networks and wireless networks, suitable for use by ISPs and hotspot providers.

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