What are the differences between Cisco and Mikrotik routers?

Today, I will tell you about the comparison between Cisco and Mikrotik, maybe we don’t know what the differences are. well … for that I will explain it to all of you … Definition:          Microtic is an operating system that includes software installed on a computer so that the computer can act as the heart […]

Cisco Packet Tracer Tutorial: Peer to Peer and Client Server Network

In this Cisco packet tracer tutorial, we will simulate a Peer to Peer and Client Server network. Because in the previous article I have not discussed the Peer to peer network and Client Server. I will explain briefly in advance so that you and your readers will understand the basis of what you are practicing. […]

Simple Cisco Packet Tracer Tutorial for Beginners

A. INTRODUCTION TO THE WINDOW OF CISCO PACKET TRACER At this stage we will introduce windows on Cisco Packet Tracer, for more details see the image below: That was the window on the Cisco packet tracer, starting from the width, menubar, toolbar, worksheet, devices (here are the tools used to simulate the network) and properties. […]

Tutorial on Configuring Cisco Packet Tracer DNS Servers

DNS (Domain Name System) is an IP Address Naming System into a Domain, for example Google’s IP Address is, but if we want to access Google, only need to enter the word / domain Google.com. to translate IP to Domain, you need a DNS server. Also Read: Cisco Packet Tracer Static Routing Configuration Configuring […]

Cisco Packet Tracer Tutorial Connects Inter Pc

Hi, friend blogger, have you played internet cafe? how the internet cafe works is no different from the tutorial I wrote above. This Cisco packet tracer works by connecting computer 1 to another computer using intermediate switches. Here’s how to make it: Clicked? Choose 2950-54. This is useful as an intermediary for connecting between PCs. […]

Cisco Packet Tracer Tutorial: Configuring VLANs on a Switch

The abbreviation of VLAN is Virtual LAN. The concept of VLAN itself is to create networks on a network, in other words VLAN can be used to divide a network into several networks where each divided network cannot be connected to one another. This tutorial will discuss how to create VLANs on a network that […]